This is a game changing software in the world of MAP that will enable your agency,

nurses and staff to timely and safely administer medications to your clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to meet the challenge of enabling caregivers to safely administer

medications to their clients every time.

Current MAP challenges

  • No current easy to use system in the marketplace
  • Not easy to access medical records and HIPAA sensitive patient


  • Lack of transparency between frontline staff and supervisors
  • Relying on pharmacies for med sheets that may not be accurate
  • Difficulty matching HCP orders to medsheets to pharmacy labels
  • No consistent system of documentation management

MYM Solutions

  • Reduced number of calls to the pharmacy for medication information
  • Reduced MORs
  • Easily printed current med lists and HCP orders for doctor visits
  • Saved thousands of dollars annually!!!
  • In a recent study: mapyourmeds,inc saved one Group home program, On average, 2 hours per patient per week on medication and documentation management. That equals to 520 hours per year and approximately $15,000 of nursing time per year per group home !

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